Illustrated by: Kenneth J. Franklin                     Box Size: 2.79” W x 4.1” L x .74” D     32 cards

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Every golfer has a love/hate relationship with the game. What we love about golf one day, we curse at the next. We've all been frustrated to the point of breaking our clubs or vowing to sell them, announcing our departure from this infuriating sport only to show up at the course the next day, excited to play again. Golf is a game that teases, thrills, torments, and teaches. 50 Reasons to Hate Golf and Why You Should Never Stop Playing is a hilarious look at this addictive, wonderful, strange, beautiful, exasperating, mystifying sport and the culture surrounding it that people have been obsessed with for more than 500 years.

With an introduction by Chris Rodell, author, columnist, and golf fanatic.

50 Reasons to Hate Golf and why you Should Never Stop Playing

​By: Fred Fruisen




120 Pages

Hard Cover

6 x 6 inches

ISBN:  9781938093869

Featured in the Golf Channel!



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